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  • A SIMPLIFIED way for employers to complete remote I-9s.
  • EASE your onboarding process and keep your new hire HAPPY.
  • SAVE your company TIME and MONEY.
  • COMPLY with federal employment verification requirements.

EZ I-9s.com is your answer for completing a Form I-9 in virtually any U.S. city.  At EZ I-9s.com we understand you sometimes hire employees that must complete their I-9s someplace other than your HR office.  Maybe your new hire will work at a remote location or you just need to onboard before the new hire relocates to your city. Whatever the case, we can make your I-9 processing EASY.

EZ is our first name — using our nationwide network of agents we make it easy on you by:


  1. Dispatching a trained I-9 agent to meet your new hire (in their city),
  2. Completing the Form I-9, and
  3. Delivering the completed documentation to your HR office – FAST.

Don’t waste precious time searching by phone or scouring the internet for an untrained representative in a strange city. Take three minutes on our website to “order” an I-9 meeting for your new employee. Efficient and accurate — you can trust EZ I-9s.com

  • National reach – service all over the U.S.
  • Trained agents – up-to-date on the latest regulations
  • Secure process – encrypted website and no sensitive data transmitted through the site
  • Private – we never sell client lists, names or addresses
  • Convenience of the employer is our priority

EZ I-9s.com — Completing I-9s Nationwide