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Service Questionnaire

Having confirmed that we can fulfill your request, we now need you to complete the form below to facilitate our meeting your new employee and completing the I-9.  Thanks, and we appreciate your business!

    Employee Name:

    Contact Info:
    : Email address where we may contact Employee to arrange meeting
    : Phone number where we may contact Employee

    Major city in which Employee can meet EZ I-9s agent for completing I-9:

    Provide us a date range in which the meeting with our I-9 agent should occur:
    // : Start Date
    // : End Date

    Date that actual employment will begin (as it will appear on completed I-9):
    / /

    Will you E-Verify this Employee?:
    Do you require copies of employee's documentation presented for I-9 completion?:

    Is Employee a non-immigrant for whom Employer has timely filed Form I-129 with USCIS requesting extension of stay?:

    : Is Employee a rehire within 3 years of last hire date?

    Employer’s business name and address as you wish it to appear in Section 2 of completed I-9:

    Employer’s address where we will U.S. Mail the original, completed I-9:

    H.R. contact person should questions arise during I-9 processing:
    : Name
    : Email address
    : Phone number
    : Fax Number

    Employer requires immediate fax of completed I-9 (additional $15 fee)
    Employer requests a translator (at the additional fee already quoted)